Meet the Team


Ezra Zilcha

Ezra Zilcha was born and raised in Netanya, Israel. Ezra got started in the diamond industry at the age of 16, when he went to work for his brother-in-law as a diamond cutter. Ezra excelled very quickly as his attention to detail became evident, and he was quickly promoted to managing 18 other diamond cutters and mentoring new employees.

In 1988, Ezra moved to Arizona where he established his own company, EZ Diamond Imports. Eventually he married Debbie, an Arizona native, and they had five children together.

With Ezra’s extensive knowledge of the diamond industry, he used his overseas connections to supply diamonds wholesale. Although he was based in Arizona, his business took him all over the United States where he established many long-lasting relationships and friends.

Over the years, EZ Diamond Imports became well established. Meanwhile, as technology advanced, Ezra gained the ability to provide whole new levels of service for his customers. With the help of this new technology, it became possible to create jewelry from scratch, almost completely in office, and EZ Diamond started helping new private customers to create their own custom jewelry.

This expansion not only benefited the company, but also benefited Ezra as it became his new passion. He realized that he loves working with the public and having the ability to get to know each client individually. He loves learning each person’s unique story and being able to create exactly what the customer is looking for. Ezra focuses and excels with interpersonal relationships and customer service.


Joe Mangione

Joe Mangione grew up in Brooklyn, New York. With the influence of his father who was a 47th St jeweler for over 40 years, Joe got his first taste of the diamond industry at age 14. His first experiences were setting diamonds into pennies. From coin jewelry he then moved on to pearls, model making, carving wax by hand, jewelry repair, hand fabrication and then casting. At age 20, Joe moved to Los Angeles where he worked for Unagem, one of the largest jewelry manufacturers in the city at that time.

Ultimately, Joe ended up in Phoenix, Arizona where his path crossed Ezra’s. Over the next 25 years, the two developed a strong friendship and business relationship and eventually, in 2015, Joe joined EZ Diamond Imports as the in house jeweler and 3D CAD designer. Joe is an excellent jeweler and knows all facets of jewelry production. This is unique in the industry as most jewelers will only be proficient in one or two stages. This, combined with the fact that Joe keeps up with all the newest technology in the industry, makes him one of a kind.