At EZ Diamond we bring your vision to life through state-of-the-art software and traditional craftsmanship.

Whether it is an engagement, anniversary or birthday, we can help you create the perfect gift.

Bring us your ideas and we will help you actualize them. We make it simple, fun, and affordable.

The idea of getting exactly the jewelry that you envision sounds like it would come at a very steep price, but because we perform most of the processes in our office, we cut out any middle men and are able to get you prices few others could offer.



During your consultation, we get to know you. We discuss what you envision for your piece, any specific design elements you want to incorporate into your piece, and how you will wear it. We also discuss gem details and metal qualities and find the best way for us to make the most out of your budget.



You will meet with the designer to develop a detailed image of your vision who will use his knowledge to guide the details of your piece. Using the most advanced CAD (computer-aided design) technology, Matrix 9, we create a virtual three-dimensional version of your design. Once the design is complete, a rendering is sent to you for your initial approval.



Once the design is approved, the digital file is sent to our printer where it is transformed from data into a three-dimensional wax figure of your piece. An appointment is set up to view the wax. This enables you to make any FINAL adjustments.



After final approval, the wax is sent out to the caster where it is cast into a metal.  We then bring the piece back to our office where our master jeweler checks to make sure that the casting is perfect. He then files, sands, and polishes your piece to get it ready to set the stones. You receive pictures each step of the way allowing you to really be a part of the process. The jeweler then sets the stones and does the final polish.